Welcome to the Soul Alignment 1 on 1 Life Coaching Program. Fully customized and connected coaching experience to unlearn subconscious patterns & reprogram instinctive reactions to magnetize authenticity & purpose.

Deconstruct pathways to pain by using the body as a living map of emotions.Release negative experiences, emotions & physical habits that hold you back through environment, mind, body & soul alignment.

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Sessions for chronic pain & Fully Customized programs.

All sessions & Packages are a high touch concierge experience designed to elevate every step of your path. Quantum leap your healing and stay motivated from experience based results and not promises. Chronic pain or none, Alignment coaching is about getting to the root of your Emotional Architecture, to put you back in the creative center of your life. God has a purpose for your unique soul. It’s time to stop fighting yourself and step into that role.  We are here to help you remeber your true brilliance.

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Soul Alignment Coaching 

Spiritual alignment  encompasses everything you need to experience a release from the negative patterns creating blocks in your life. A fully customized service based on the healing principles of Neuromuscular retraining. Designed to fully deconstruct your pathways to pain through experiential learning, body & mind integration for true soul alignment. Offering hands on services and NMT for in person chronic pain & Postural Coaching and Trigger point release techniques for distance sessions. Create your customized plan and schedule your first session to quantum leap your path to healing.

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Why Bodywork & triggering the nervous System is important

Hands on or hands off, triggering the nervous system is important. Deconstructing the pathways to pain by addressing hidden trauma held in the nervous system is what lends this method so much power. Our body remembers where, when and what happens to us while emotions create the embedded memory that our body listens to. Triggering and addressing these nervous junctions allows direct access to the unconscious patterns that we repeat. It’s time to break protection patterns and rewrite the script.

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Emotional Architechture Group Program

( Coming Soon) Radical acts of personal freedom don’t have to be painful. In fact the transformation process while challenging should be exhilarating.  Here you will find no gurus, spiritual gate keeping, religious dogmas, or sexual shame. Just a safe space for anyone to wholeheartedly and passionately pursue the expansive life they deserve. This is a self led course designed to be used when triggered with weekly supportive assistance in the form of open office hours and group meetings.
This course, the result of 16+ years of neuromuscular retraining, clinical experience, and spiritual training, will become your favorite, most reliable life survival guide to achieving your true alignment.

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Small acts lead to big things. Using Experiential Learning for Rewriting Somatic Memory

Imagine re-learning by doing, feeling, and moving. That’s the essence of somatic memory – a technique that bridges the gap between theory and practice, mind and body. Where knowledge transcends the mind and takes root within your very being.
You won’t just hear about concepts – you’ll embody them. You’ll engage your senses and actively rewrite your physical connection to healing experiences. Our approach goes beyond traditional learning, your muscles and senses become vehicles for understanding. Complex ideas become tangible, and your body becomes the vehicle for transformation.

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Emotional Architecture

Expertly retrain your nervous system with the accumulated knowledge and 16 years experience of a Neuromuscular Retrainer, Chronic Pain Specialist and Kabbalistic practitioner.

After 16 years experience as a clinically practiced Massage Therapist and Neuromuscular Retrainer one thing remains true, emotions are just energy. Emotional Architecture is a way to use the body and your pain as a living map of emotions to read and unlock healing by deconstructing pathways to pain. Often hidden underneath is the authenticity, humanity and soul purpose that so many are looking for unguided.

Your pain is not what you think it is……… Imagine your body as a map and magnet, containing all the entanglements from our experiences. From conscious choices to unconscious habits, what we hold on to becomes us.

The way we feel, dictates how we move, the tension in our body, our posture and the neurochemicals that color our perceptions.

Understanding your emotional architecture is the fastest way to reprogram your nervous system and align the body to assist in creating the feeling, actions and results you have been looking for.

Your Pain Could Be Your Greatest Asset.

When was the last time you remember feeling that your pain, whether physical or emotional, was the greatest thing to ever happened to you?

For most, the answer is probably never, today could be the day this changes forever. I designed this program during a time in my life when my body completely shut down and traditional medicine had failed. I was looking for relief. I desperately needed a solution, so I turned inward and with in my spiritual practice, I found one.

Working With In The Bodies Divine Alignment.

I realized that my body was actually showing me the direct path back to myself. That all the heavy, life altering symptoms I was experiencing was my body’s way of getting my attention to realign me with my authentic self and purpose. My body knew the way and was pointing me towards the answers I needed, that no modality, doctor or guru could find…

I was hypervigilant and my body and mind was massively misaligned.

If you’ve experienced…

  • Recurrent or chronic pain 
  • Daily muscular tension
  • Restricted physical movement
  • Anxiety or feeling disconnected from your body
  • Constant mental chatter/racing thoughts
  • Critical inner voice
  • Feeling unfamiliar with the person in the mirror
  • Numb or needing more and more risk to feel alive
  • Lack of passion, difficulty focusing, or lost sense of purpose in life
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself or your community
  • Easily taking things personally or being in arguments
  • Digestive issues, bloating or upset
  • Swelling or autoimmune flares

You’re Experiencing A Deep Misalignment.

If you’ve been dealing with these for a long time with no resolve,  working with me might be for you. By learning how to understand these messages from the body, you get a clear roadmap towards healing and self-realization. You can finally re-program your body’s neurological, anatomical, and energetic systems to finally begin to ignite change and step into the unforgettable, vibrant version of yourself you were always meant to be. 

shift happens

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    Emotional Architechture

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    This initiative gave birth to the transformative ‘Elevation Sessions’, designed to enrich the readers’ experiences.
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    Client Testimonials

    If you have the chance to work with her, do It.

    “Working with Azlynn will easily be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The aspects of myself that I uncovered and realized through working with her led to some of the biggest openings in my life that forever changed me and have actually inspired some of the advice and insight that I find myself sharing with others.

    Not only that, she is one of the most supportive, bright hearted soul’s I have ever met. When she is with you she will give you her full time and attention you need and the safe space to feel whatever you need to move beyond whatever you’re going through. More importantly she’ll make it fun. When I say she’ll be your biggest cheerleader, I’m not kidding. She will. If you have the chance to work with her, do it. You’ll see changes fast and it will always be worth it.” – Megan

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    What is Your “Emotional Architecture”?

    Emotional architecture is a way to use the body as a living map of emotions and subconscious patterns. Understanding and working with your Emotional Architecture allows you to become the conscious creator of your lifes story. Allowing you to shedding reactive patterns and habits, that would have you repeating past mistakes, manifesting the wrong partner or living in scarcity……

    Emotions are energy, they are magnetic, addictive, creative, distructive. The way we experience and manage them is what makes us human…….

    Within just a few minutes of meeting someone, I can tell exactly what is going on in their internal, emotional world just by looking at them.

    I’ll have immediate insight on their daily physical and emotional pains and the hardships they endure, all without knowing a single thing about them.


    Their posture.

    It gives me the direct opening to see and understand that person through what I call their “Emotional Architecture.”  Our emotions and thoughts determine how we hold and use our body. This nonverbal laungue tells all.

    Think Of Your Body As A Communicator And Soul Translator.

    Your body and soul are communicating the root cause of your pain, the environments it lives in and how you interact with what pains you. Your body language, daily behavior, and chronic pain you experience, contains the details of the unconscious beliefs you are carrying, that you didn’t realize was actually running your life.

    These symptoms are your body’s efforts to show you the direct path towards releasing the trapped emotions, beliefs and the resulting pain. Pave your way towards living an exciting, meaningful life full of the deepest, most fulfilling connections. You are made unique and your body is guiding you back to your true design and soul alignment.

    Your Emotional Architecture simply put is a protocol that is designed to deconstruct your body’s complex pathways to pain. Emotional, muscular and spiritual systems into a usable, highly effective method to creating lasting transformations in the quality of your life.

    Unlock your ability to transform any part of your life.

    It’s through understanding these systems and how they work in conjunction with each other that we are able to uncover this deep awareness of ourselves that will lead to the transformative, empowering experiences people live for. It helps us better understand and show up for ourselves and the ones we love.

    Life is a playground of opportunity.

    Emotional Architecture unlocks your playground for change guiding you to falling in love fully with life again. It’s the key to healing yourself from your past, resolving pain and illness.  Reprogramming your nervous system, and reclaiming your full power to choose how you experience life.

    Understanding and working with my own “Emotional Architecture” changed my life completely and the lives of thousands of others that worked with me over the years. The Emotional Architecture Online Course was created to help people just like me, where others systems, religions and avenues had failed. With the self led online course you will learn to alchemize your past into a driving force that guides and releases you from what has been holding you back.

    This 6 part course will change your life.

    A 3 month Self Led Program addresses all the key areas of healing, while utilizing simple and effective tools to integrate each lesson into an effortless and empowering lifestyle. Helping you to align to the deepest truth and values you hold inside.

     Harness the transformative powers of your emotions to finally feel in complete alignment with your future and live out the successful, awe-inspiring life that God planned for you.

    What you will learn in each course section.


    With the understanding taught in Architecture of a Memory, you will learn how your memories act as the cord connecting your past to your present, empowering you to transform your emotional moments of reliving past into the opportune playground for you to rewrite your body’s neuromuscular and biochemical programming. Giving you the power to stop what is preventing you from creating your purposeful future at full force.


    An invaluable checklist to successfully navigate through any triggered emotion, so you can finally move beyond your past and confidently step into the amazing life you were always destined to live. You will have a usable formula to let go of the old, negative patterns that are keeping you stuck in repetitive, painful cycles. Opening up your life and effectively retraining your mind and body to transform your life into the most liberating expression of your soul that you will want to celebrate everyday.


    The keys to Quantum healing are in your hands. Learn the foundations of lasting healing and how to enter, navigate and create change in your life on your terms. This course section takes you through the healing journey and why this program creates success. How each element of the protocol affects old belief patterns, trauma cycles and biochemistry, unlocking the body’s potential to heal.


    Your shadow is the beautiful gateway to actualizing your soul’s truth and radiance into your life and the work you share with the world. Through this course, you will learn the simple tools to gain full awareness of your emotional expressions during triggered moments as well as easy, cognitive exercises to create the perfect environment you need to allow these negative emotional experiences to fully release  and reconnect you to the inner knowing and safety of your soul path.


    Activate the power of your body to discover and pave your perfect pathway to healing. Breaking through the embodied limitations that block you from living in complete harmony with who you are destined to be. In the Body Alchemy section of this course, you will learn how to clearly decipher the specific messages your body is sending you and gain specific meditative and somatic exercises to successfully move through and out of any triggered moments so you can step into the creative role that will build inner peace and outward successes that you want in your future.


    This is where your journey to healing becomes your playground. Deepen your relationship with yourself to fully realize your true power to live a life that truly aligns with your heart and soul. In this section of the course, you will develop the strongest bond with yourself, nurture the highest amount of safety within yourself, and exude the confidence to move through any level of healing. Embody pure play within your healing experience while expediting its results. A complete reframing of yourself and your world that you will forever be grateful for based on your souls unique needs and architecture.

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    Join the online program and reclaim your power now!

    No gurus, spiritual gate keeping, religious dogmas, or sexual shame. Just a safe space for anyone to whole heartedly and passionately pursue the expansive life you deserve. 

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