About us

About Us

Meet Your Alignment Coach, AzLynn

What Azlynn possesses is a true passion for all forms of mind, body and soul healing. Her natural drive and playful attitude has helped her create some of the most unique and effective methods.  That have for years helped so many people finally liberate themselves from their daily negative cycles in life.

Through her own healing experiences, she has become specialized in finding solutions where other modalities fall short. Azlynn has pioneered a simple method that addresses mental, emotional, physical, and environmental aspects that cause pain, illness, and trauma to hold in a person’s body.

She integrates easy-to-use techniques and daily practices that allow a person to experience freedom from chronic patterns of pain, mental, emotional or physical. Allowing the person’s soul truth and inner intuitive knowing to fully reconnect and infuse into their daily lives.

Emotional Architecture came to life during a time in Azlynn’s life where her body completely shut down and traditional medicine had failed. It was during this time of desperately needing a solution that she found the broken link between our physical sense of safety, self support and our spiritual core.

Realized that all of her physical and emotional symptoms were actually her body’s attempts to let her know that she was far out of alignment with who she was truly meant to be in the world. Providing the clarity she needed to get herself back on track.

Given an education that only God could provide led to her becoming the expert she is. With the onset of PTSD at the age of 3, Azlynn’s hypervigilance set a strong foundation and deep understanding she has with body language. Eventually, chronic PTSD led to an undiagnosed autoimmune disease that almost cost her her life.

This became the catalyst that inspired her and allowed her to heal herself and develop what she is known for today. This inspired her pursuit to help people heal in a way that would incorporate a unique blend of traditional, clinical, holistic, intuitive and spiritual practices.

In creating Emotional Architecture, Azlynn had sought to offer solutions for people, like herself, who had been failed by traditional methods. A dream she has successfully realized for both herself and the thousands of others she’s worked with. Providing simplistic, usable methods of healing that would create the safest, supportive environments for anyone to fully open up. Designed for those who are ready to do the work. Putting the power of healing back in the hands of the individual.

AzLynn has successfully aided in the rehabilitation of thousands of clients from accident and injury to autoimmune disease, and worked with the healing of chronic illness related to Parkinson’s, Hashimoto’s, Crohn’s and Grave’s disease, fibromyalgia, SIBO, and much more.

Her spiritual tools, clinical experience, and Emotional Architecture protocol have been her survival skills that have helped her and many others move through some of the most challenging experiences with significant ease. You will often find her barely able to contain her excitement when working with clients because of how strongly she loves what she does and her genuine joy to watch others waking up to their most powerful, liberated, and authentic versions of themselves.